Generate more revenue.

Improve practice management. 

Through our outreach program, Healthcare Providers are able to leverage the scale and brand recognition of a Hospital Systems partner, providing access to established infrastructure and resources, while maintaining independent ownership of their practice. 


We bring depth of expertise in outreach program management, so our partner Providers are able to focus on what matters most - patient care. Castle Therapy Partners manages the program relationship with the Hospital System and provides managerial guidance for Providers to improve practice viability and sustainability.

Providers We Partner


Physical / Occupational Therapy Clinics

Cardio / Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centers

Interventional Pain Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Imaging Centers

Delivering Better Outcomes for Partner Providers

With Castle's proven management model, we have experienced a decrease in our administrative burden while increasing profitability for our practice, keeping us focused on patient care, which is where we want to be."

- Dr. Puneet Arora, PT Concepts

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